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Observe the national tournament policies.

Rules specific to the State of Georgia.

State Tournament Changes Updates By Event

Anatomy & Physiology

No laptops will be allowed during this event. Two 3-ring binders are allowed. No mobile devices are allowed. Two calculators of any type dedicated to computation are allowed.

Chemistry Lab
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planet
Experimental Design

Students who make up data without actually performing the experiment they design will be given zero points for the conduction, data reporting, and conclusions parts for the experiment in the grading of the event.

Fermi Questions
Game On

Schools must provide their own laptop for this event. The computer must have the latest version of Scratch installed on the computer. This can be downloaded from http://scratch.mit.edu


No logs will be graded or reviewed. Teams are NOT to bring logs to the event location. The gym will be used for the lcoation.


Teams are allowed to bring the National and Georgia lists as their Official National List. Questions will be composed from both lists.


The written test and device testing will be done separately. One of the submitted graphs and/or tables will be scored.

Materials Science
Microbe Mission
Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle

No logs will be graded or reviewed. Teams are NOT to bring logs to the event location. This means they are not to be turned in to the event coordinators or left at the location during impound. Team members can bring the logs when they come to compete in the event, but cannot ask the event coordinators to look at them in any way or for.

Remote Sensing
Rocks and Minerals
Write It Do It