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Observe the national tournament policies.

Policies Specific to the State of Georgia.

State Tournament Changes Updates By Event

Anatomy & Physiology

Astronomy (Div C): Rule 2.a. Each team may bring 2 binders containing information in any form and from any source. NO laptops are allowed at any Regional or State Tournament.

Chemistry Lab
Circuit Lab
Code Busters

It has come to my attention that there are two ways to interpret this competition rule:

3. i. The first question of the exam will be timed.

 ii. A team member should signal…

 iv. The time in seconds, to the accuracy of the device used, to solve the cryptogram will be recorded by the event supervisor …

iv. If a team gets the timed question wrong, they may attempt to answer the question repeatedly without penalty. The….

The way we have interpreted this rule for the State Competition is: When the competitors signal, the ES will simply record the time and collect the timed question. If the competitors decide their answer is incorrect, the time will be struck and they can recollect their answer sheet. They can then re-submit their answer (or not, if the time has run over 10 minutes).

Designer Genes
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planet
Experimental Design
Students who make up data without actually performing the experiment they design will be given zero points for the conduction, data reporting, and conclusions parts for the experiment in the grading of the event.Fermi
Fermi Questions
Geologic Mapping

Geologic Mapping (Div C): Rule 2.c. Each team should bring a protractor, ruler, colored pencils, and an equal-area projection stereonet with tracing paper and pin.  There will be no questions that require the use of a geologic compass at any Regional Tournament. It may be allowed at the State Tournament.


Herpetology (Div B/C): Multiple portions of the Rules Manual:  All Regional and State Tournaments will use the Official Georgia Herpetology List. This list will be a modified version of the National Herpetology List.

Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle
Protein Modeling

Teams must supply their own laptop with the correct software. Competitors will be able to access the protein file via a website or the file will be provided on a USB drive. Wifi is available. “EmoryGuest” is our wireless access and it is provided for visitors of Emory University. Users must have an active wireless card that is set up to detect new networks and should select the EmoryGuest network from the list of the available networks. EmoryGuest wireless network users are automatically logged off after 4 hours and do not have full bandwidth or privileges to Emory users. 

Write It Do It

The schedule lists a writing room and a building room. pay attention. A disqualification results to a team if a builder enters the writing room.

Lab Event Penalties (Div B/C): For events that have up to 10% clean-up penalty & up to 10% extraneous equipment penalty: Penalties will be applied to the maximum score allowed. For example: Up to 11 points can be deducted for no/insufficient clean-up in Experimental Design from the maximum possible score of 110. Penalties are subject to Event Supervisor discretion. This applies to all Regional and State Tournaments.

Use of Notesheets (Div B/C): For events that allow the use of a notesheet: A team may have only the number of sheets of paper allowed. The notesheet may be unlaminated, laminated, or clearly sealed with tape if using a sheet protector. Sealed in sheet protectors and laminated notesheets do not need to be unsealed. Unlaminated sheets of paper will be checked by Event Supervisors before or during the event. If there are more sheets of paper than allowed, the ES may confiscate sheets for the duration of the test.