Excuses, Excuses

In the article “Condom Use with a Casual Partner,” it discussed the successful use of condoms in different situations. Alcohol use coupled with those who are risk takers vowed many who did not use a condom when intoxicated. However, the data was not completely consistent. Something that may not be able to be completely measured in a study are people’s thoughts going into a situation. Many college students prepare to get drunk and have a “hookup.” This way, they do not have to be completely responsible for their actions. Hidden desires that they dare not share with their friends can come to life in an intoxicated state with not as many repercussions.

Many male and female students will start the story of their escapades with “I was wasted” or “I was totally drunk” in order to have a precursor so their friends and peers will not judge them as harshly. This is common practice in a college setting. Because although in college students are known to party hard, there is still an image of dignity that must be somewhat upheld.

When it comes to the use of condoms, this plays into the culture. Students will get drunk to have a reason for their actions, but will have safe sex because in many situations, the drunken activities were premeditated. Of course this is not the case for all, but it occurs more than you might think.

Sometimes stats and percentages do not tell the whole story, and I believe this is one of those instances.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I think that even in their completely uninhibited state, many people in our environment still remember to practice safe sex because it’s engrained in their mind before they go out. Sure you can start a story with an excuse for why it happened, but we all know we do the things we do when we’re drunk because something else is holding us back when we’re sober. You might regret who the night ended with, but if you are a safe sex kind of person, drunk you is probably a safe sex kind of person too. Alternatively, if you don’t believe in safe sex, the less self conscious version of yourself is probably going to ignore the issue unless someone else brings it up.

  2. Simoneh: Work toward supporting your argument with textual evidence next time. What I *think* you are saying here is that you don’t agree with the argument that Antonia Abbey (et al) is making in her article “Condom Use with a Casual Partner.” I think you are taking to task her simplified version of how alcohol and safe or unsafe sex mix. Do you believe she is suggesting that alcohol always = unsafe sex or sex without a condom? If so, then quote her directly and then develop an argument that runs counter to hers. Also, do you think there might be some research out there that would support your position on alcohol and safe sex? It would be interesting to find out.

    • In this blog I was was saying that there is a part of this college lifestyle in relation to condoms and alcohol that is not talked about, and that is the use of alcohol as a way of not needing to be as responsible for your actions. Many college men and women premeditate their drunken actions so they can blame it on drinking too much alcohol instead of their actions being what they soberly thought of doing. I would be very surprised if there was not some kind of study on this.

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