Two links about sexuality in the news

Thanks “Talks With S” for these links:

Billionaire offers 40 million pound reward to man who will marry his lesbian daughter

California bans gay-to-straight therapy for teens

Learning About Emory’s Archives

Beside the fact that I was in the same room with a draft of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, I think the thing that struck me most about our time in MARBL on Thursday was how much we bring to our own interpretations of artifacts. Each one of us looked at the photo of the protest in front of Cox Hall in 1969 that Liz Chase and Erica Bruchko provided and saw such different things. I was also really excited by what astute critical skills you all already have. You read that photo: fashion, hair styles, body language, interactions, and used those clues to work toward solving the mystery of what event the picture was capturing. I can’t wait to see what else you all come up with.

Welcome to From Archives to iPads: Investigating the Discourse on Sexuality at Emory

This course aims to investigate how the discourse of sexuality was created by and represented in two of Emory’s publications (Emory Wheel, Emory Report– formerly called Campus Report). These representations will then be located within a larger historical and theoretical context of sexual identity, sexual health, and sexual violence. Half of our class time will be spent in the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library (MARBL) uncovering a record of what was and was not discussed in these publications.  The other half of class time will be spent discussing scholarship that will locate and situate our findings while engaging new technologies to help develop a final presentation of our work. Students will not only be introduced to the history and present of sexuality discourse at Emory (and in the South), they will also learn how to do archival research and develop digital scholarship.