Recent code developments in the Sober Lab that are available for sharing are listed below. For any questions regarding these programs and their use, please correspond with Sean O’Connell (under “People” tab).

dlcTAF: a modified version of EvTAF18 for synchronous triggering external cameras for use with DeepLabCut (Download link coming soon)

EvTAF18: an updated version of the original EvTAF program (created by Dr. Evren Tumer while working in the Brainard Lab in 2007). This version has three main changes:

  1. Transition to 64-bit LabVIEW (includes aesthetic improvements)
  2. Addition of oscilloscope-style edge triggering to bottom plot window
  3. Frequencies of triggered syllables are recorded as text in the .rec file

All of the code and related resources are in the linked Google Drive here.

LightTAF: a modified version of EvTAF2018 which computes live demodulation and filtering of Fiber Photometry data for real time display (while saving raw data).

The executable is available here. (Usage instructions available on request)