Publications and Preprints

Vocal learning and motor control in songbirds

Application of the hierarchical bootstrap to multi-level data in neuroscience
Saravanan V, Berman GJ, Sober SJ
Neurons, Behavior, Data Analysis and Theory (NBDT) July 21 (2020)

Transitioning between preparatory and precisely sequenced neuronal activity in production of a skilled behavior
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Sober SJ, Roberts TF.
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Dopamine Depletion Affects Vocal Acoustics and Disrupts Sensorimotor Adaptation in Songbird
Saravanan V, Hoffmann LA, Jacob AL, Berman GJ, Sober SJ.
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Millisecond Spike Timing Codes for Motor Control
Sober SJ, Sponberg S, Nemenman I, Ting LH.
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Chance, long tails, and inference in a non-Gaussian, Bayesian theory of vocal learning in songbirds
Zhou B, Hofmann D, Pinkoviezky I, Sober SJ, Nemenman I.
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Thalamostriatal and cerebellothalamic pathways in a songbird, the Bengalese finch
Nicholson D., Roberts T., Sober S.J.
Journal of Comparative Neurology (2018)

Fabrication and Characterization of 3D Multi-Electrode Array on Flexible Substrate for In Vivo EMG Recording from Expiratory Muscle of Songbird
Zia M, Chung B, Sober SJ, and Bakir M.
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Motor control by precisely timed spike patterns
Srivastava K, Holmes CM, Vellema M, Pack A, Elemans C, Nemenman I, and Sober SJ .
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The Effects of Pitch Shifts on Delay-induced Changes in Vocal Sequencing in a Songbird
Wyatt M, Berthiaume E, and Sober SJ
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Dopaminergic Contributions to Vocal Learning 
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Universal mechanisms of sound production and control in birds and mammals
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Variations on a theme: Songbirds, variability, and sensorimotor error correction
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Tang C, Srivastava K, Chehayeb D, Nemenman I, and Sober SJ.
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Computational motor control in human arm movements

What silly postures tell us about the brain. (Commentary)
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Recovery of function and cortical network modeling

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