Cynthia Martucci

Hi, I’m Cynthia! Due to COVID-19, my study abroad plans were postponed to the Fall 2021 semester, but I am fortunate to still have the opportunity to study in Copenhagen, Denmark. At DIS, my course course is in the Medical Practice and Policy program. Through this class, I will be able to more deeply understand the most important human diseases, their diagnoses and treatments, and how clinical workings of physicians vary throughout Europe. As an avid foodie myself, I am looking forward to experiencing and experimenting with different European cuisines with my Culinary Living Learning Community. I cannot wait to share the details of my enriching journey with you!

Graduating Years: 22C

Major: Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Minor: Dance and Movement Studies

Study Abroad ProgramDIS Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Fall 2021

Instagram: @cynthiamartucci (travel account: @daily.copen.hangin)