Dolores Juarez

Hello! My name is Dolores Juarez and I am a junior at Emory University. I participated in the EDUCO program in the Spring of 2020 located in Paris, France. It is my pleasure to help you all develop a better understanding of the culture and lifestyle in Paris, as well as France as a whole. As Mexican American, I grew up bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. I had always wanted to learn a new language since I was very young, and French always sounded so beautiful to my ears. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I had to study abroad, and I am excited to share my experience and my knowledge with all of you! 

Graduating Year: 22C

Majors: French and Biology

Study Abroad Program: EDUCO Paris (Paris, France) – Spring 2020

Instagram: @dlo_jrz

Facebook: Dolores Juarez