A visit to the Sacré-Cœur-photo post


The apse mosaic named Christ in Glory.


This morning, we made our way to the basilique Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre. We started our journey off by having a nice lunch at one of the local restaurants paired with some Lebanese-style ice cream. Loaded with energy, we tackled the seemingly never-ending stairs. However, the reward of the view was absolutely breathtaking. The beauty extended into the inside, where I was met with stained-glass windows and awe-inspiring images of saints and Jesus Christ. 

As I sat alone in the pews, waiting to go light a candle at the altar, I felt such a strong wave of sereneness and a sense of belonging. In an effort to connect this to neuroscience, I thought back to the relationship between religion and mental health. Personally, I was taught that in moments of stress and confusion, I should pray and find comfort in God. In recent studies, it is suggested that practicing religion has a “protective” effect on our mental health. 

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