NBB 201 as a Museum: Visiting Musee de l’Homme

Skulls of a Homo erectus and Homo ergaster.

On Monday, June 13th, the class took a visit to Musee de l’Homme, an anthropology museum. This museum focused on what makes humans unique from other species and how we evolved. There was a display showing brains of different species emphasizing the size differences. One of the brains on display was rhesus macaques, the type of monkey I work with in my lab. Even though I have worked with the monkeys and seen how small their heads are, I didn’t realize how small their brains are because on my computer they look so big! Something else I really enjoyed about the museum is how much of hominin evolution was familiar to me from NBB 201. For example, pictured in this post are skulls of a Homo erectus and Homo ergaster, both species I learned about. It was really nice to actually see what I have learned.

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