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About the Course

Come be part of creating Emory’s celebratory Sustainable Food Fair!  A student-led tradition, the Fair will be held October 2, and students in this one-credit class will learn the backstage skills and strategies to put on this much-enjoyed event.  Students will read In Defense of Food in preparation, become specialists in one topic related to sustainable food in Atlanta, work with farmers, chefs, and local organizations to put on the event with music, costumes, and educational tables.  Students are responsible for teeshirt and poster design, street layout, publicity materials, feedback analysis, and creative educational experiences for Fair attendees.  Past fair course participants are encouraged to register again.

The class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45 for only the first half of the semester.  Students will practice presenting information on sustainable food and will work cooperatively with the Office of Sustainability Initiatives and Emory Dining to put on the event.  Background reading over the summer will allow rapid fair planning when the class begins; supplementary articles will be provided after the course begins.