OTT30: 1st Annual Celebration

2015 marks the 30th anniversary for Emory OTT and part of that celebration includes a series of blog posts highlighting important “firsts” for the office.  This month we highlight the Annual Celebration.


2014 Deal of the Year

In April of 2007, OTT held its first Annual Celebration of Technology and Innovation at the Emory Conference Center. At its inaugural award ceremony, Dennis Liotta, Raymond Schinazi, Wayne Alexander, and Ernest Garacia received awards for their innovative technologies many that have reached the market place and improved the outcomes for countless patients. These products included HIV drugs, treatments for atherosclerosis, and cardiac imaging software. (You can find the products featured here

This celebration is held each spring and has evolved to consist of a keynote address and four awards. The awards are innovation of the year, deal of the year, start-up of the year, and significant event of the year. These awards highlight and honor the great work of our Emory researchers as it relates to commercialization.

This year’s celebration will be on Wednesday, March 4th, Emory Conference Center, Silverbell Pavilion at 5:00 pm. (Edit: This piece was about the 2015 edition, we advertise and announce each year’s celebration on the front of our website in the spring.)

Keynote Speaker
Timothy R. Holbrook, Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor, Emory School of Law


2014 Innovation of the Year

Deal of the Year
Human Platelet Lysate for Regenerative Medicine with Cambium Technologies
Ian Copland, PhD, Jacques Galipeau, MD, Edmund Waller, MD, PhD, John Roback, MD, PhD

Start-Up of the Year
Clearside Biomedical, Inc.; Henry Edelhauser, PhD

Innovation of the Year
Neurokinin Receptor Blockers for PTSD; Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD, Raül Andero Galí, PhD

Significant Event of the Year
Velocity Medical Solutions’ Acquisition by Varian Medical Systems; Ian Crocker, MD

To learn more about our celebration and to see all of the awardees of the past year’s visit our website here.