Emory Has an App for That!

As part of our month-long effort to highlight Emory’s work in the area of software, we are highlighting a brand new mobile app catalog that the University launched which offers one-stop shopping for all apps at Emory. The catalog allows Emory to distribute and maintain its mobile apps outside of the public marketplace for Android and Apple.

Emory has more than 22,000 mobile devices accessing its network at any one time, but less than 1% of those devices are actually administered by the University. Because Emory is primarily a “bring your own device” employer, it wanted a way to help its constituents to access and download internally and externally available apps as easily as possible.  The Mobile App Catalog was launched in late 2014 in a limited fashion that focused on development, testing, and focus groups. Now it is being launched campus-wide for all Emory University and Emory Healthcare staff, faculty, and students to use.

Several of the key benefits to utilizing this app catalog are:

  • The ability to manage and apply security polices without controlling the device,

  • The ability to distribute apps not intended for public distribution,

  • The ability to monitor and control access to apps.

The Emory Mobile App Catalog can be installed at either:

Emory App Catalog Screen Shot Photograph

Emory App Catalog Screen Shot

Once installed, a new app icon will appear on your device called App Catalog with the Emory shield as the icon. The application provides a listing of available apps that you can download to that specific type of device. The app also provides the ability to hybridize a web application to be packaged and run as a mobile app (this option would require the user to have Wi-Fi access).

There are no fees associated with using the app or having an app in the catalog. To have your app added to the catalog, please submit your app through the formal process at Emory (More information about the review process for both externally- and internally-distributed apps can be found on the web here.) You can also find more information on our website including app resources here.