Highlights from the AUTM Annual Meeting Emory Style

Did you miss the opportunity to attend the AUTM annual meeting for any number of reasons? Well we are here to help you out with a round-up from our panel presentations. Four members of the office participated in panels:

  • Linda Kesselring: It DOES Take a Village Branding Your Technology Transfer Office is a Team Effort

  • Quentin Thomas: Telling and Retelling Your Story: How to Create and Repurpose Great Content

  • Cliff Michaels: Save a Thousand Words: Creating Effective Technology Transfer Infographics

  • Cale Lennon: Assessing Early Stage Technologies from Academia

Let’s get right to the good stuff – here are each of our concluding points.

Marketing Advice from BrandingAUTM 20017 Kesselring

  • Get support from the top

  • Create a team within the office

  • Start small and build your efforts

  • Establish a relationship with central MarComm

  • Expand resources with students & freelancers

  • Remember to be a storyteller

Re-using Marketing ContentAUTM 20017 Thomas

  • Repurpose existing content for other uses

  • Take part of an annual report to create a flyer or postcard

  • Repackage technology features for a calendar

  • Release content in multiple channels, may require repackaging

  • Record all events for future use beyond initial purpose

  • Consider subdividing for short blasts

  • Take extra footage for b-roll

  • Take advantage of events to build extra content

  • Conduct an interview for a blog

  • Share content with central MarComm, they have big coattails

Infographics: Tips & HintsAUTM 20017 Michaels

  • Understand your intended audience

  • Keep it clear & focused

  • Engage a good graphic designer

  • Show, don’t tell

  • Check, check, check facts & figures

  • Gather input/feedback from others

  • Use it, reuse it, share it, promote it!

  • Consider something that can be updated in the future

Early Stage Technology Assessment

  • Main objective is to determine licensability

  • Utilize a template report

  • Have a group review & vetting process

  • Provide rationale for decisions

  • Engage & solicit feedback from inventors

  • Be consistent & transparent

  • Don’t forget to re-assess throughout the process

We hope you find these helpful. If you have questions about these topics reach out and ask us (you can find our contact information on our website here). We hope to see you next year at the annual meeting.