Students: Experiences in the Creative Hub of Campus

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When my friend first suggested I apply to work at the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), I had no idea what the office actually did. I applied in September of 2015, and now I cannot imagine how campus could possibly function without OTT; I see connections to the office across all areas of campus. I first began my job by learning about the role of technology transfer in a university setting; as I began to understand the various steps of the tech transfer process, I became more and more amazed by how much behind the scenes work goes on to bring technologies to market. Tech transfer has made nearly every product I used possible, yet I had never thought about its importance before. While it is easy to imagine life without the newest app, tech transfer is also responsible for numerous life-saving drugs. The amazing innovative solutions developed on this campus astounds me everyday.

My favorite aspect of working as an assistant writer at OTT has been meeting the incredible, creative minds responsible for these technologies across numerous sectors of campus. I’ve had the chance to learn about the newest technologies, how they work, and then discuss those innovations with the individuals who developed them. While I am no expert when it comes to cloud-based medical imaging or a rare form of acquired hemophilia, I had the opportunity to challenge myself and gain an understanding of a wide variety of topics. I was continually impressed with the patience of the inventors who I spoke with; they would always take time to explain their technologies and help me understand the context of their innovation.

Beyond the innovations, every inventor is a highly accomplished expert in his or her field. In my experience, these are the people who are highly dedicated to what they do and absolutely in love with what they do. Through learning about their experiences and what drives them, I learned more about myself and where I want to be in the future. My experience at OTT broadened my interest in technology, allowed me to meet inspiring individuals from across campus, and has helped inform the career I plan to pursue for the future.

– Hannah Heitz