Interim Change in OTT Leadership

Cliff Michaels photo

Cliff Michaels

Dr. Cliff Michaels has been appointed Interim Executive Director of OTT effective September 15, 2018. This follows the appointment of Todd Sherer to Interim Vice President for Research Administration on that date. “I am very confident that Cliff’s knowledge of technology transfer and his commitment to strong relationships with faculty inventors will serve OTT well during this interim period” says Sherer. “Cliff has held a number of positions within OTT and he currently oversees our flagship intern program as well as our contract and marketing functions.” Sherer and Michaels are currently working together to ensure a smooth transition. “I’m very excited to take on this interim role and to lead our team as we begin a new fiscal year” said Michaels. “We will remain committed to faculty support and strong business relationships while we continue to seek out best practices.”