Around the World in OTTie Days 2018

While most students went home for the summer, OTTie the OTTer had bigger plans in mind! After all, it’s hard work being the office mascot. OTTie decided that it was time for his annual trip around the globe. He packed his sunglasses, shades, and sense of adventure so he’d be ready to go! So what did OTTie do this summer?

He learned that carrying luggage is harder than it looks! After all, an OTTer has to pack a lot of cookies for the road.
OTTer airport photo
He discovered a new molecule in Albuquerque! Of course, he had to take a selfie with his creation.
OTTer molecule photo
He practiced his balancing act with the local birds of Albuquerque.
OTTer roadrunner photo
OTTie also did an archeological dig to find out more about the native Chaco…
OTTer chaco photo
…but instead he dug up a T-REX! Time to escape to Phoenix!
OTTer Phoenix photo
He traveled to Aruba to take a break in the sun. The water was amazing!
OTTer Aruba photo
He chilled on the beach for hours. Not pictured: an extra-large piña colada.
OTTer Aruba photo
He loved the beach so much, he decided to check out what the weather was like in Florida, where he trained as a lifeguard. He saved seven different lunches from certain demise! He kept them nice and safe in his stomach.
OTTer Florida photo
Then his visited Cape Cod and Plymouth, where he met up with friends!
OTTer Plymouth photo

After a long summer of travels, OTTie is exhausted, but he can’t wait to keep cheering on the OTT team! It’s going to be a great year!

If your curious about how the OTTer tradition began you can read about in this previous blog post “You OTTer Know Our Office is Like No OTTer.”