From the Director: Looking Ahead in 2020

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What priorities is OTT focused on for 2020? These two are at the top of the list a) program review and b) process improvement.

Our top priority in 2020 is to systematically review our overall program that is focused on IP, licensing, marketing, startups, and industry partnerships. The timing is right for us to conduct a review to assure that we continue to implement best practices in a rapidly changing world. Over the past 5 years there has been many changes to the Emory innovation ecosystem, the larger ecosystem around us, and growth in the research enterprise. We want to assure that our programs align with current needs of the university, faculty, and those of our partners.

We will also maintain a strong focus on process improvement. This has and will continue to be a major effort for the eleven offices that make up the Office of Research Administration. Improving processes is central to our ability to manage increased workloads and attempt to meet the support that our researchers need to continue to grow research funding. Emory’s ORA has created a special Tiger Team of individuals to help assure that we deliver on commitments to formally address process improvement across research administration, including technology transfer.

– Todd Sherer