The Patents of Thanksgiving

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Creativity and inventiveness don’t stop because it’s mealtime. As many patents show, there are always problems to be solved, regardless of how big or small the issue is. In this season of Thanksgiving, we want to say thanks to the inventors and patent holders of intellectual property that has made Thanksgiving better, easier, or just more interesting… read to find out more about 6 patents that can help you have a fantastic Thanksgiving from start to finish!

“Cranberry harvesting method and apparatus”
Ever wondered about how cranberries move from the field to your table? If so, then U.S. Patent #5375402 is for you. Called the Cranberry harvesting method and apparatus, the patent includes a “frame movable through a field of plants, a revolvable surface carried by the movable structure and supported to revolve about a horizontal axis, and resilient, rubbery fingers mounted rigidly on the revolvable surface and projecting outwardly therefrom.”Happy Harvesting!

Cranberry harvesting method and apparatus patent graphic

“Animated wildfowl decoy”
While harvesting cranberries is one way to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table, some of you may prefer to play a more active role in acquiring your Thanksgiving delicacy. If you plan to go hunting for fresh meat on Thanksgiving, you may want to check out U.S. Patent #5289654, described as “an animated decoy simulating the external appearance and certain head and neck movements of a wild turkey.” Essentially hollow, the animated turkey neck includes interconnected, longitudinal segments.

Animated wildfowl decoy patent graphic

“Disposable cooking pan”
After using the Animated Wildfowl Decory and Cranberry Harvesting Method and Apparatus—or just heading out to the grocery store—you’ve gathered up all of your ingredients for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Next up, you’ll need cooking supplies, and U.S. Patent #5628427 has got you covered. You’ve probably used this disposable cooking pan a time or two, and it’s easy-to-use, “single sheet of metal” design with a bottom panel, continuous wall panel, and continuous rim are perfect for cooking up a Thanksgiving treat!

Disposable cooking pan patent graphic

“Cooking jacket”
If you want to keep your turkey comfortable and stylish while it cooks, be sure to dress it with U.S. Patent #4942809. Actually, this fashionable finery for our formerly feathery friend is to make lifting it out of the pan less difficult. Used for cooking large pieces of meat, the cooking jacket “enables turkey or other pieces of meat to be retained in a jacket structure and easily lifted from the cooking pan, pot, vessel or the like.”

Cooking jacket patent graphic

“Turkey baster”
After all of your hard work preparing your feast, you’ll certainly want to make sure that your turkey doesn’t go dry! You can keep it juicy and flavorful with U.S. Patent #D390070, known as the turkey baster.

Turkey baster patent graphic

“Method and apparatus for molding fruits”
Let’s say that, sadly, Aunt Gertrude is unable to make it this year. No worries! With enough notice, you can use U.S. Patent #4827666, designed for “growing squash, cucumbers and other fruits in desired shapes.” It can even create “long-lasting sculptural items!” Use U.S. Patent #4827666 to create a sculpture of Aunt Gertrude and it’ll be like she’s with you the entire meal…until you finish eating.

Method and apparatus for molding fruits patent graphic

Happy Thanksgiving!