Ignoring the Problem

After reading this week’s articles I feel as if I have a better sense of how complex the refugee/migrant crisis is. What is most surprising to me is how a large scale humanitarian crisis can continually occur without being addressed. It is clear that there are endless stories to be told. Despite this global dilemma, I admit that I had very little knowledge of the refugee crisis or migrants prior to last semester. It seems like a global crisis is happening right in front of us, yet the problem is being swept under the carpet. That brings me to the question, what can be done? Is there even a plausible solution in mind? With such a widespread crisis, a true solution seems to pose a dilemma. Perhaps what can be done right now is to increase the PR and exposure of displaced peoples.

The failings of the EU are clear. Rather than seek a permanent solution, they have opted for a temporary fix. I think part of the reason there is no solution at the moment, is the absence of a party taking global responsibility. From the EU to individual countries. It is much easier to pay off or ignore the problem than address the crux of the issue. With these actions, no progress will occur. With the growing number of displaced people, there must be a breaking point somewhere in the near future when the outpouring of people cannot be ignored any longer.