Holiday Season: There’s an App For That

There is always a long to-do list during this time of year —from party planning to shopping for gifts. Even with all the holiday cheer, the endless tasks can sometimes seem daunting. Luckily, there are numerous apps that can ease stress and streamline countless holiday tasks. Here at OTT, we know we need all the help we can get so we have compiled a list of the best apps to download in preparation for the holidays:

Giftfund: Are you planning on getting a joint gift? Planning a joint gift can be difficult; it is hard to choose just the right gift, follow up to make sure everyone contributes, and physically purchase the item. With the Giftfund app, all of these details are taken care of in one app. It’s very simple: first, pick a person and choose a gift or amount of money. After this, invite those who want to contribute through email or text. As soon as the funds are collected, the gift is shipped to the recipient, conveniently including a gift receipt and a full list of all the contributors.

Happy Holidays from OTT GraphicParkWhiz: Living in Atlanta already makes commuting and parking quite the challenge, but the holiday season only worsens prospects of finding a spot nearly everywhere. The ParkWhiz app solves those problems entirely. The app enables you to reserve and pay for a parking spot even before you arrive. With the address of your destination, the app locates garages and self-parking lots in the area and the available rates for your specified date and time. Simply reserve the spot, park, and continue with your holiday errands road-rage free!

Food52: For anyone who is planning a large holiday meal or party, Food52 is a must. This app has streamlined information to help plan (and problem solve) for every aspect of your event. The app includes hundreds of recipes, which include ratings and reviews, and video tutorials in case carving the turkey becomes more complicated than you anticipated. One of the greatest features of this app is the hotline feature in case disaster strikes. Not sure if the pumpkin pie is ready? Simply post a picture and description and a member of the Food52 will get back to you.

Giftster: Did you ever receive two of the same gift? Well, you won’t anymore. This app has moved the wish list online. It is a mobile gift registry that allows you to share your wish list with family and friends through email or Facebook with the click of a button. “Wishes,” or new items, can be added at any time, and purchases are recorded each time someone buys one of the items on your list, so everyone knows.

Chameleon: Have you ever arrived at the store only to find the one item you needed was sold out? This app actually tells you which aisle your product is in, how much it costs, and claims to have real-time data of each store’s stock for an item. This app makes it easy to find this season’s Tickle Me Elmo, and get the best price while doing it.

We hope these apps make your holiday season a bit merrier. Happy holidays from OTT!