Any Gym Is Home


“Any gym is home” a phrase passed along to every basketball player I know. The meaning? Imagine spending hours walking, sprinting, falling, and diving on the basketball court. Doing homework before practice or a game. Sweeping up the dirt and spreading sweat across the floor. Setting up tables and chairs, pulling out bleachers and pulling out rugs to set up for incoming guests. Having a “family” meal almost two to three times a week. Putting on your favorite music and dancing like no one is watching. These are just a few chores that exist to get ready for a game in the gym.

Our permanent home was at 901 N. Highland Avenue. But if we went to the court at the YMCA or Disney’s Wide World of Sports, those were our homes too. We were so accustomed to spending hours and days in the gym. Our bodies clinged to the smell of hot sweat and the sound of squeaking sneakers became music to our ears. So if we closed our eyes it was as if we were back at 901 N. Highland Avenue. This goes for every basketball player. As long as there is a court and a hoop it doesn’t make any difference of the address. Like I said we spent hours at the gym, sometimes even more hours than we are in our actual homes. The word locker-room became bathroom to us and each person had her favorite shower. For me, I do not associate “lets go to the gym” as running on treadmills or lifting weights or doing the “typical workout.” Gym=basketball in my terms and basketball court=home.

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