Imba Means Sing

One strategy the filmmakers used to make “Imba Means Sing” a documentary film for young audiences was to allow the students of the African Children’s Choir tell their story instead of a narrator or an adult do so instead. Additionally, the film limited the amount of adult screen time and instead included activities such as card making and visiting new places, which are more relatable to children than having an adult speak about such activities and events.

One pattern I noticed throughout the film, was that before each performance, their teacher, Mark, would always remind the students that the audience has paid to come see them perform. This acted as a reminder for why the children, as individuals and as a group, were performing with the African Children’s Choir and therefore highlighting the transactional aspect of the experience of the choir and the significance of sponsors.

African Children’s Choir Featured in Documentary ‘Imba Means Sing’

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