The Burning Short Preview – Thoughts

The person that I feel like I really connected with was Yasmine, the single widowed mother with her two little kids. She was just really likeable and the entire aspect of her life really felt visceral and on top of all that has happened to her she still wants to take care of her kids. Her little boy unfortunately needs surgery but she cannot afford it and that also just really hits home as an audience as you get so sucked into their lives and you truly want to know what will happen. With regards to her I thought the song that she sang to her son was particularly important as it basically is a song about a butterfly trying to escape people ho are trying to trap it, another really cool parallel to the migrant’s stories as they try to reach freedom and a better life.

One of my favorite instances in the short preview would definitely have to be the startling scene with the knocking on the door at Yasmine’s apartment with the blackout where her Moroccan landlord makes sure she has no “white” visitors, as they are not allowed in that area. I was so immersed in the clip that the actual knocking and blackout really struck me with regards to my viewer experience. Another favorite scene that was really moving and touching was the scene with the donkey in the middle of now where with its tongue out trying to breath and a tear dripping down its face. With that shot I really drew a parallel between that poor donkey and the stories the immigrants recounted about the horrors of trying to cross the Sahara to get to Morocco.

Another moment in the preview that struck me was the sentence uttered by the African woman working at the UNHCR who wants to help the kids. She said something along the lines of the ocean and the forest are eating the Africans and I just thought that was so compelling and true!

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