People Like Dan

I found myself almost in tears while watching the video about Dan Eldon’s life, and what specifically caused The Creative Visions Foundation to exist in the first place. It was enigmatic, and almost unbelievable that a person with the most giving heart and soul like Eldon could live in a world like ours.mf12-artist-dan_eldon

We all say that we want to give to others. We want to believe that we can change society for the better and make a significant impact upon our world… but not many actually take the time to do it. Dan was one of them. Learning about Dan Eldon’s life and what he aspired to do for everyone– to show people, and make the world listen and see the truth in his photographs– it was eye-opening, and quite inspiring to me personally. I would love to aspire to be someone as selfless as he was. Also hearing from Erin and being able to meet her in person was really amazing as well. It made documentaries such as Imba Means Sing all the more real and life-changing. Seeing her in the flesh really made the “dream” to make someone notice an issue in the world utilizing a creative aspect even closer to touch.

This year I created an on-campus organization called “The Purple Circle,” which is dedicated to raising awareness amongst millennials in regards to Alzheimer’s Disease, and specifically raise donations for the national organization. It is one that effects people of all races, all genders, and all socio-economic backgrounds. This club is one very important to me personally, and one which I was originally very proud to have created and be a part of. But after meeting Erin, and discovering all she went through to make this documentary that she called her “baby,” I realize that I must do so much more to change at least a single mind within a community. In order to be even somewhat comparable to Dan or Erin, I must look past everything, and do everything it takes to make someone look… make someone notice an issue in the world. That is my dream.