2017 Textile Exhibit at the Carlos Museum

During the spring of 2017 the Michael C.  Carlos Museum at Emory University in Atlanta (a partial sponsor for this project) will be mounting a large exhibition called Threads of Time: Tradition and Change in Indigenous American Textiles. It will include the Wari tie-dye piece being reconstructed, among over 100 other textiles from the ancient and modern Andes, modern Panama and Guatemala. Almost all of the pieces are held in the permanent collection of the museum, while a few are being loaned by local Atlanta collectors. They range in age from 100 BCE to 2000 CE and include many different techniques, from double-cloth to brocade, tapestry to embroidered plain-weave. One gallery will have actual looms and weavers producing versions of some of the objects  on view. We are very excited about the show, which will be colorful and impressive, since indigenous American weavers were and are so talented in the textile arts. Please check back for information relating to the fiber production events that will be happening in the galleries during the show!

By Rebecca R. Stone, PhD. Faculty Curator of the Art of the Americas, Michael C. Carlos Museum

For more information about the museum please visit http://www.carlos.emory.edu/