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Amy Solinski

Graduate student (joined 2015)

amy.solinski(      Twitter

Project: Synthesis and Biological Investigation of Oral Microbiome Antibiotics

Bio: Amy received her B.S in Chemistry at The College of New Jersey under the advisement of Dr. David Hunt. There she worked on a methodology project that studied the unexpected aromatization reaction involving various diol starting materials. She joined the Wuest Lab in December 2015 and began working on two oral microbiome inhibitor projects: carolacton and honokiol. Other than her lab work she enjoys planning outreach events that bring science programing to elementary and middle schools in underprivileged areas. Since moving to Georgia, she has become involved with the Emory Chapter of AWIS (Association for Women in Science). She has had a great time organizing social and networking events as Social Chair. Along with AWIS, she has been in charge of the the Georgia Chapter of WCC (Women Chemist Committee) twitter account, check it out!

Outside of lab she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Recently she has realized that making new hobbies is her hobby. You can find her trying things like working out, crocheting, making bread, making pasta, gardening, hiking, wine tasting, and photography. So if you have new activities you want to try, ask Amy since she is down to try new things! Most of all she enjoys playing Catan with her housemates. She lost the 2018 tournament, but is implementing a training strategy to ensure victory in 2019. 


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