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Christian Sanchez

Graduate Student (Joined 2020)

christian.alec.sanchez( | Twitter

Christian is originally from Los Angeles, CA, and constantly compares current weather conditions to California’s temperate climate. Under the instruction of Professor Matthew Joyner at Pepperdine University, he began his research journey isolating and characterizing natural products from local plant species. Motivated by a love for learning, he came to Emory to pursue doctoral training doing fun chemistry. He was drawn to the Wuest lab by its biologically-driven chemistry, interdisciplinary focus, and fun-loving members. He is currently working on perfecting recipes for baked goods, while also studying natural products that can help fight pathogenic bacteria in his free time. He enjoys very few things but among them: ice skating, gummy bears, and his church! He is married to the wonderful Emory JD candidate Madison Sanchez, who reminds him to grab his keys every morning when he leaves.