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Ingrid Wilt

Graduate student (joined 2018)

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Project: Synthesis of antifungal natural products

Bio: Ingrid received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Colorado College while completing research in Dr. Habiba Vaghoo’s and Dr. Amanda Bowman’s laboratories. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2017 to begin studying at Emory University. She enjoys researching total synthesis and drug discovery and mentoring undergraduates interested in chemistry. Currently, she’s working on the total synthesis of phenolic bisabolanes with antifungal activity alongside Adrian Demeritte and Alex Kim. She’s also worked on the epoxy isonitrile metabolite and bithionol projects with the best team of postdocs: Guillaume Ernouf and Taylor Hari. In her free time, Ingrid can be found playing with her dog Buddy, drinking hot drinks, eating Siam Thai and grapes, and exploring the outdoors.

Awards and Publications:

2019 NSF GRFP Awardee

Ernouf, G.; Wilt, I.K.; Zahim, S.; Wuest, W.M.* “Epoxy isonitriles, a unique class of antibiotics – Synthesis of their metabolites and biological investigations” ChemBioChem 2018 19, 2448 (Selected for ChemBio Talents IssueDOI: 10.1002/cbic