NEW EMORY PASSWORD POLICY:  Emory’s new password policy requires you to reset your password every 365 days. The cutoff for changing your University NetID password is September 9, 2015. Failure to act by this date will cause you to lose access to all NetID-enabled systems. For more information:

STUDENTS:  Please login to the ScholarBlogs system so that your professor can add you to the class blog.  Use the login link on the right of this page.

WordPress is an open source blog tool that is easy to use and customize. An Emory supported instance of WordPress (ScholarBlogs) is now available for those who intend to use the technology for teaching and research. It offers a platform for public and private blogs and web pages capable of displaying text, images and video. Users can also apply themes to customize their blogs and utilize select plugins that provide additional functionality.

To be able to create a Scholarblogs site, the content:

  • Must be directly related to a teaching or research activity at Emory
  • Must be sponsored by instructor (faculty, lecturer, graduate student instructor) or research scientist currently employed by Emory.

Requests for additional themes or plug-ins and updates are evaluated by a governance committee who meets twice a semester. System updates will be put in place when recommended by the system administrator and will coincide with University system maintenance windows (critical security updates will be implemented when necessary). No paid advertisements are allowed on Scholarblogs due to the fact that it is an Emory supported system. The University’s code of conduct applies to the use of Scholarblogs.

To find out more about using ScholarBlogs, contact the Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) by emailing ECDS at “ecds [at] emory [dot] edu.” ECDS provides access to this WordPress instance, in addition to support on how to use it in teaching and research.

Request a ScholarBlog site: Online Form (Emory ID Required)

Training: ScholarBlogs Workshops

Getting Started with ScholarBlogs: ScholarBlogs basics
Blogs at Emory: More information about blogs at Emory
Emory’s Communications and Marketing: Guidelines for E-Publications & Blogs

Request help: email ECDS


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