Terms to Study for the Final

For 10/24:
Henry Ford
“The International Jew”
Dearborn Independent
National Conference of Christians and Jews
Charles Lindbergh
Charles Coughlin (the “Radio Priest”)
“Jew Deal”
Johnson-Reed Act (1924)

For 10/26:
landsmanshaftn shuls (“mushroom synagogues”)
synagogue-center (“shul with a pool”)
Mordecai M. Kaplan
acculturation vs. integration
popular culture as “middle ground”
Hank Greenberg
Hollywood “moguls”

For 10/31:
neighborhoods of second settlement
“ineluctable quality of Jewishness”
urban Jews vs. small-town Jews

For 11/2:
Israel Zangwill
The Melting Pot (1908)
Horace Kallen
“symphony of nations”
cultural pluralism

For 11/7:
The three chaplains
“Die velt, yene velt, Roosevelt”
Judeo-Christian Tradition
“Americans All”

For 11/9:
Bermuda Conference (1943)
Breckinridge Long
“paper wall”
War Refugee Board
Columbus Platform (1937)
American Council for Judaism
United Jewish Appeal
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
Jewish National Fund
Henrietta Szold

For 11/14:
Will Herberg, Protestant-Catholic-Jew
Triple Melting Pot
civil religion
“godless communism”
suburbs (ie., Levittown)
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC)
“gilded ghetto”

For 11/16:
Al Smith
Herbert Lehman
Henry Horner
tikkun olam
National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
intergroup relations
Ethnic Revival
Black nationalism
Glazer and Moynihan, Beyond the Melting Pot
Six Day War (1967)
havurah / havurot
Student Coalition for Soviet Jewry

For 11/21:
patrilineal descent
Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism (1999)
“Who is a Jew?”
Jews by choice
ba’alei tshuvah

For 11/28:
Sally Priesand
Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
Rabbinic interns

For 11/30:
National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS)

For 12/5:
“Are Jews White?”


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