Course Policies and Grading

 Course Policies and Grading:  UPDATED MARCH 15, 2020 due to Emory’s cancelling of  in-person classes.  Beginning on March 24, classes will be held via zoom. 

The permanent link for all our class meetings is:

This class requires on-time and regular attendance, as well as  participation in discussion.    Be considerate of other class members by not leaving class while it is in session.  Because the seminar meets twice a week, two absences are allowed without penalty. For each additional absence, a student’s final course grade will be lowered by five points.   Please report any problems with the syllabus website, web links, or the course reserves materials to Prof. Tullos.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Emory students have a window from March 27th to April 27th in which they can take any current class as S/U. 

Attendance, summaries, and quizzes on the assigned reading and listening.   (70%)
To aid in cumulative learning and class discussion, a 250-300 word (one-page) summary of the day’s readings is sometimes assigned.  Printed copies of your summaries are due prior to the beginning of the class session (late submissions may result in a lowered grade for that day).   Because the syllabus is subject to change, check it regularly for the assignments.

Midterm exam (30%)  Bring a blue book. Covers the reading, lectures, and selected musical examples since the beginning of the course. The Midterm  will consist of music listening identifications (title, artist, approximate date, and a sentence or two about the song’s historical-geographical significance), as well as short-answer, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

NO FINAL EXAM. All written assignments must be completed and emailed no later than  5:00 p.m. April 30 to allen [dot] tullos [at] emory [dot] edu
If you have to submit your written summaries late, please let Prof. Tullos know.  Points may be deducted for late submissions.

Student assistance from Emory College: For questions about academics, advising, or support resources contact oue [dot] advising [at] emory [dot] edu

Course Deadlines: All deadlines are indicated on the course syllabus. Extensions will be made on an individual basis at the instructor’s discretion.

Read and abide by the Emory University Honor Code.

Disability Services: The Office of Disability Services offers reasonable accommodations and assistance to students with a documented disability. You must register with ODS and supply your teacher with a letter from this office that details the specific accommodations that you need. ODS is located in the Administration Building Rm 110. You may contact this office by phone at 404-727-6016.