Engage students through interactive lessons and hands-on activities that complement studies of Hebrew language and text as well as Jewish holidays and rituals.  Explore ancient history and culture by learning about art and artifacts from the Ancient Near East in the Carlos Museum at Emory University.  Consider the significance and contexts of these ancient objects as well as their relevance today.


Developed as a Hebrew School curriculum, these lessons primarily focus on Judaic studies and feature Hebrew vocabulary and Biblical texts. The content covers a broad range of historical subject matter, and the curriculum can be used selectively or modified to suit a variety of classroom settings and topics.

Age Range

These lesson plans and activities were originally designed for a fifth grade class and were created with elementary and middle school students in mind. They can easily be adapted to suit younger and older audiences.

Museum Collection

The Michael C. Carlos Museum holds one of the largest collections of Near Eastern antiquities on the East Coast, with over 7,500 objects. Most objects included in these lessons are on view in the galleries and/ or included in the online catalog. They were chosen for their relevance to the curricular themes and potential as teaching resources.