Bulimia nervosa: Gender and Stigma

Without taking gender into account, people with eating disorders experience extensive stigma (O’Connor et al., 2019), from a discredited social identity to internalized issues with self esteem. Specifically with Bulimia, stigma can stem from the compensatory behaviors that follow periods of binge-eating. When examining gender and Bulimia, stigma only grows as eating disorders are often… Continue reading Bulimia nervosa: Gender and Stigma

History of Bulimia nervosa

As opposed to Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa is a relatively new eating disorder in diagnostic history. In 1979, British psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Russell found several of his patients to be suffering from a different type of eating disorder than the typical version of Anorexia. He thought it was a “chronic phase of anorexia nervosa” (Castillo… Continue reading History of Bulimia nervosa