Orthorexia and Gender

As we learned in Blog Post 1, Orthorexia is a fairly new phenomenon that was officially named in the 1990s. Many believe that Orthorexia as we know it today stems from the wellness culture that has existed in the United States since the early sixties. Wellness culture went mainstream in around the eighties, with the… Continue reading Orthorexia and Gender

History of Orthorexia Disorder

Orthorexia is a term first coined in the early 1990’s by Steve Bratman, MD to describe unhealthy and obsessive eating habits in which one only eats foods that are clean, healthy, pure organic, etc to maximize their health. The word Orthorexia in itself translates from Greek with  Orthos meaning “Correct” and  Orexia meaning “Appetite”. Orthorexia… Continue reading History of Orthorexia Disorder