Music Education

One thing that has really shaped who I am as an individual was having the opportunity to play an instrument and be part of my school’s band. I started taking lessons at a young age and as I grew older I became more involved with marching band, concert band, and wind ensemble. Personally, I have found that music education has made me a better person, and you can find countless articles out there that explain why learning music is beneficial.

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  1. I completely agree that music is very beneficial to a person’s development. Music was a big part of my life too. I took piano, violin, voice lessons, and I was part of my high school choir for 4 years. Although I can’t really tell if my brain has become better or more creative or anything like that, but I do know that I can appreciate music more because of my lifelong exposure to it. Sometimes when I’m feeling really stressed I just put on my favorite song and I feel a lot better, or when I’m on a long car ride I plug my phone into the car stereo and start belting out tunes with my cousin. I really don’t know how I could live without music.

  2. I like what you have pointed out in your comment! I cannot tell if music has bettered my thinking or creativity, but I definitely think overall it has benefitted me in many ways. I also believe music also helps people socially develop as well. I have hardly played music alone, even when I was practicing my parents could hear me from another room. Music brings people together whether one is playing and one is listening, or whether there is an ensemble playing together. To go even further, there does not even have to be music playing to inspire social engagement since music can be a topic of discussion. Overall, like you said I cannot tell if I’m a better thinker, but I do believe it has helped me socially and allowed me to meet new people and engage in discussions.

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