Women and Their Attractions

In an article written about what women like about men, there are surprising qualities that they deem attractive. One of the qualities that stood out to me was the fact that, according to the author, studies have been shown that women like men who “act tough”. The reason? “Most women want bad-boy qualities so they don’t have to act perfect all the time.” I think that the person who thought this had a little flaw in their thinking, or they didn’t know how to articulate what they really wanted to say effectively. I believe that what this person really wanted to say was that women want bad-boy qualities so they don’t have to act tough or seem put together all the time. In other words, they want to identify themselves as the weaker sex, and they want their men to feel protective over them. If you read this article, there is another section about how women are attracted to hair because it means that “there is a caveman lurking inside” of the guy. This made me wonder, why do women like to identify as the weaker sex, and why are they attracted with the idea of their man acting like a possessive, protective caveman?

Women know that the average man is stronger than the average woman; they are taught and demonstrated that fact from a very young age. And, some scientists believe that women like their men to be strong and possessive because of the sentiments from the hunter-gatherer days. Does this explain why women like to portray themselves as the weaker sex? Not to me. I believe that women like their men acting like “cavemen” and like to identify as the weaker sex because they want to have some sort of “proof” that their significant other cares for them, and they believe that the “caveman response” proves that. Why do females associate this behavior to mean that males have an emotional attachment to them? Is it logical for women to assume that males that act like that care for them? What if the males are obsessive and just want to have control over their female? Would it also be logical for a woman to be more attracted to a man who acts like a caveman instead of a man who acts like a real gentleman? It seems like this article believes that the caveman personality wins. What do you guys think?

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3 responses to “Women and Their Attractions

  1. This article was an interesting read. Many of the stated traits that the article claims women find in attractive men exhibit a sense of the caveman personality you wrote about. I personally don’t desire a woman who thinks of herself as radically weaker. This lack of self-confidence is detrimental to proper communication within a relationship.
    This post was also tagged under logic, but I ask how logical is love? Do parents exhibit logical love when they go through the relationship process? There is no one set formula for how your parents fell in love, and the listed traits only describe a certain type of relationship. It seems to justify the parts of the relationship that men exhibit but are worried are hurting their relationship. As the article was written for males, it provides comfort for exhibiting incorrectly diagnosed relationship hinders.

  2. I think this article poses an interesting, yet very bizarre and extreme point of view. However, I also believe that this article takes a different approach into the wants of particular women who typically find themselves attracted to bad boys. What I’ve always been told us that most women look for men, unknowingly, who resemble the qualities of their fathers. It could true that some women wish to feel protected by their significant other or just want a man who makes them seem weaker, but I also feel that those wants resemble, to a small degree, how their fathers may have treated their mothers. This assumption is also a little far fetched because of some instances where woman don’t grow up with their fathers, but I feel like this example makes a little more sense biologically speaking. Any other thoughts?

  3. I think you make an interesting point about the different characteristics that women find attractive in men, but I think you misarticulate some of the arguments in this article. On the argument about the hair, the author’s never indicated any correlation between being hairy and being the superior sex, but rather hair symbolized “good health.” I may be misinterpreting this argument myself, but from what I understand, hair has nothing to do with establishing which sex is superior or inferior, but rather having hair simply demonstrates to a woman that the man is still young and full of hormones as opposed to aging and balding. I also think that while you make an interesting point about the caveman, the quote about the caveman was not from an expert, but rather someone being interviewed indicating how she looks at it more as how there is a second side to someone. By that I mean, that although this young man with youthful energy works in a normal job that requires a button-down shirt, he is still plenty youthful. As for your point about the bad-boy characteristic, I disagree again that this is about girls trying to “identify themselves as the weaker sex.” I didn’t see anything about this point in the article, and based on my articulation of what the author is saying, this is more about how by the man attempting to act out and be spontaneous, that demonstrates to the woman that he doesn’t care about acting uptight all the time, and she shouldn’t either. I think you make a really interesting point about how women and men interact in the dating sphere, and while I obviously cannot speak from the perspective of a woman, I have to disagree with your articulation of this article.

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