More Resources

In addition to the bibliography, we’ve compiled this list of further resources for learning the Bemba language and for learning about the languages of Zambia.  Updates and new items are regularly posted on our Facebook page as well.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for additional items.  

The Lubuto Library Special Collections
Lubuto’s staff and volunteers identify and digitize Zambian stories long out of print but preserved in their original printed form in libraries worldwide and in Zambia, as well as in Zambian schools and households. This site serves as a repository for these scanned books and can be accessed at:

The Bemba reading lessons from the Lubuto library can be accessed here:

The National African Language Resource Center (NALRC)
The NALRC at Indiana University Bloomington is a federally funded, nonprofit national foreign language center dedicated to the advancement of African language teaching and learning in the United States. It facilitates dialogue among teachers, learners, and administrators from a wide variety of cultural and institutional perspectives, and promotes the profession of African language teaching. You can learn more about the NALRC here.

Natulande iciBemba (Lets Speak Bemba) is a book available through the NALRC. The book can be purchased at:

In addition, the NACLRC has a short brochure (Adobe Reader required) on the Bemba language which can be accessed at:

Umubemba is a website which was developed by Nine Mukuka as a method of promoting and sharing the cultural tenets that constitute the Bemba cultural identity. The website is still under development; therefore, some links are not active. The website can be accessed here.

University of Wisconsin Madison College of Letters & Sciences
The University of Wisconsin Madison College of Letters & Sciences the Digital Learning Lab contains a collection of media materials supporting current courses in the College of Letters & Science.  The Bemba Introductory Course developed in the 1970s at Michigan State, Lansing by Irvine Richardson, Mubanga E. Kashoki, Fidelis K. Kasonde was converted to digital audio, and can be found here:   Bemba Dialogs  and  Bemba Drills

Bemba Wiki
The Bemba Wiki on Potiori contains a brief overview of the Bemba language and grammatical structure.

Languages of Zambia
The Languages of Zambia page from the University at Albany, State University of New York contains an interactive map of the languages spoken in Zambia. Each language listed on the interactive map also contains links to additional resources about that particular language.

Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary

African Language Study at Michigan State University