Emory Anthropology’s Alumni in Medical Anthropology: 1995-2022

Some Facts:

  • Emory’s Department of Anthropology was founded in 1978, when it split with Sociology after a tenure dispute involving sex discrimination.


  • Over four decades, the faculty has grown from 3 to 22. The first 3 department faculty were untenured assistant professors.


  • Since 1994, the Department of Anthropology has produced 119 PhDs.


  • As of 2021, 55 dissertations have been on human health related topics (41 cultural and 14 biological).


  • In addition to their PhD, 31 alumni earned a second graduate professional degree in Public Health, Medicine or Nursing.
    • 9 are MD/PhDs or TMD/PhDs
    • This achievement is unique in the country and has been accomplished without a formal program in medical anthropology.

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