Analysis of Buchanan’s Position.

Buchanan defines his position on the conversation of seeking a decent minimum form of healthcare as one that identifies the concept of a decent minimum as morally and ethically correct, but not obligatory on its own. The topic provides additional insight and philosophical precedent to the current conversations being had in our nation regarding access and availability of healthcare and insurance. There have been many efforts in the past to build a system that bolsters the current minimum, seeing that America ranks far behind its competing nations, despite proportionally spending the most on healthcare in comparison with other industrialized nations. Buchanan asks a powerful question in the beginning portions of his writing, seeking to highlight the ambiguity buried in the right to a decent minimum form of healthcare. He mandates that, before one can continue onward towards the conversation of whether or not a decent minimum of healthcare is a right, one must complete a preliminary analysis of what exactly that decent minimum entails. Buchanan solicits the example of servicing descendants of Chattel Slavery with recuperative healthcare strategies in response to the epigenetic trauma and disposition they have been caused. He views this application of the decent minimum as acceptable, as it helps to level the playing field for a disenfranchised demographic. He validates equivalent acts as potentially applicable forms of the decent minimum. Holistically, Buchanan points out the difficulties in identifying the concept of a decent minimum of healthcare as a right, and does well to explain how an ideology can exist as something that is beneficial to the masses and in the best interest of the nation or presiding body, but still not meet the criteria to be considered a right. He clearly evaluates the complications with establishing a comprehensive framework for a decent minimum of healthcare, as there are many variables that come into play that can affect the level of care one may be provided, which in turn makes it more and more impossible to uphold that established decent minimum. 

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