Coursera course

On October 1st, Emory will be launching a COUSERA course (a massive, open, online course [MOOC]. The title is, Childbirth: A Global Perspective. It is a weekly course of one hour, with readings and quizzes. It is free. There is no course credit given (unless you pay for a certificate, which you will not need, since you will be getting a diploma from Emory when you graduate). I highly recommend you register for the course. There is no penalty for non participation, but the information will enrich your knowledge. You can use it as a reference on your blog (simply cite the course title, COURSERA). The faculty of record is Dr. Lynn Sibley who has done terrific work in Ethiopia. Other faculty have different lectures. The week of October 29 I have the lead on community mobilization to improve maternal and newborn health. This course is NOT required, but an additional resource if you are interested. The url is Then search for the “Childbirth: A Global Perspective,” title.

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