About Us

BreatheEasy Georgia Homes is a coalition that is dedicated to promoting smoke-free living in the homes of Georgia residents. The coalition is made up of stakeholders, organizations, and public health agencies that work together to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in multi-unit housing in Georgia.

BreatheEasy Georgia Homes strives to educate property managers, property owners, management companies, and residents on the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure and the need for smoke-free policies to reduce secondhand smoke exposure. The coalition has the knowledge, skills, expertise, and resources to support communities to create smoke-free environments that promote equity across the different population groups in Georgia. Smoke-free air is critical to promoting the health of Georgia residents and reducing health disparities.

Goals of BreatheEasy Georgia at Home

  • Provide smoke-free recognition for apartment communities that adopt smoke-free policies
  • Educate Georgia residents about the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure
  • Provide property owners, property managers, and residents with resources on smoke-free policy implementation such as sample policy language, resident surveys, lease addendums, implementation plans, and enforcement plans
  • Educate residents on the benefits of smoke-free policies
  • Provide cessation resources to promote quitting

BreatheEasy Georgia Can Help Provide

  • Free resources to adopt and implement smoke-free properties
  • Technical assistance to property owners, property managers, and management companies
  • Materials for education sessions with residents
  • Smoke-free recognition

Want to know more?

For more information, please contact us.

Email us at info [at] breatheeasygahomes [dot] org