Participating Faculty

Spring 2016 Pilot

Rollins School of Public Health JaNelle Ricks BSHE 530 – Conduct of Evaluation Research
Kimbi Hagen BSHE 530 – Conduct of Evaluation Research
Frederic Grant APHI 550D – Business Aspects of Public Health Informatics
Johanna M Hinman PRS 580D – Research Design & Grant Preparation
Jose Binongo BIOS 517D – Applied Biostatistics II
Emory College Tracy Yandle ENVS 225 – Institutions & The Environment
Judy Raggi Moore ITAL 202 – Language and Culture, Intermediate II
Angela Porcarelli, Simona Muratore, Christine Ristaino ITAL 102 – Language and Culture, Elem II
Sheila Tefft JRL 201/ IDS 201W/ ENG 221RW – News Reporting and Writing
Matthew Weinschenk CHEM 222 – Organic Chemistry II
Robyn Clarke SPAN 303 – Phonetics
SPAN 304 – Spanish Linguistics
Katrina Dickson CL 190 – Freshman Seminar
Megan Friddle IDS 385 – Freud’s Teenagers: Narrative, Childhood and the Adolescent Mind
April Flint PE 185 – Holistic Wellness
Michael Page ENVS 347 – Landscapes & Geomorphology
Mark Norfleet MATH 212 – Differential Equations
Cesar Sierra SPAN 102 – Elementary Spanish II
Pamela Scully AFS/WGS 345 – Gender Violence Gender Justice
Laney Graduate School Mark Risjord PHIL 588 – Symbolic Logic
School of Law Jennifer Romig LAW 535 – Introduction to Legal Advocacy
Sarah Shalf LAW 870 – Externships
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Kristy Martyn NRSG 721D – Capstone Project
Cathy Vena NRSG 505 – Research & Evidence Based Practice
Phyllis Wright NRSG 599D – Business of Health Care
Jeannie Rodriguez, Corie Braender NRSG 545 – Advanced Pediatric Practice I
Lisa Marie Wands, Melissa Owen NRSG 490 – Synthesis Seminar
Goizueta Business School Benn Konsynski BUS 356 – Think. Code. Make
Valerie Molyneaux BUS 480 – Negotiations
Oxford College Ann Massey BIOL OX-122 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab
William Shapiro POLS OX-306 – Human Nature from the Feminine Perspective
Alicia Ory DeNicola ANTH OX-202Q – Concepts and Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH OX-280 – South Asia: Anthropological Perspectives
ANTH OX-353Q – Economic Anthropology
Sean Mo CHEM OX-141 – General Chemistry I w/Laboratory
Kenneth Carter PSYC OX-111 – Intro to Psychology II
PSYC OX-210 – Adult Psychopathology
Jennifer McGee PSYC OX-323 – Drugs and Behavior
School of Medicine Stefan Tigges, Carol Dowdle MD 745 – APPS Radiology
Ron Hall, Stephanie Dixon ANES 512B – Principles of Airway Management II
Richard Pittman, Pamela Cohen Clerkship
Candler School of Theology Jennifer Ayres RE 636CEE – Religious Education and Our Ecological Context
Bo Adams RE 670B – Technology for Ministry
MTS 520T – MTS Research and Methods: Scripture, History, and Tradition
Jonathon Potter REL 370 – Rewriting Scripture
Sarah Kegley TESL 301 – English for Other Lang: Oral
Jehu Hanciles HC 509 – The Making of Global Ministry



Fall 2015 Pilot

School Faculty
Emory College Katrina Dickson
Emory College Jane O’Connor
Emory College Tracy Yandle
Emory College Bumyong Choi
Emory College Sheila Tefft
Emory College Judy Raggi Moore
School of Law Jennifer Romig
School of Law Sarah Shalf
Oxford College Ann Massey
Oxford College Jennifer McGee
Rollins School of Public Health Lisa Carlson
Rollins School of Public Health Paula Braun
Goizueta Business School Ted Rodgers
Goizueta Business School Benn Konsynski
Candler School of Theology Susan Hylen
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Kristy Martyn
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Catherine Vena
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Melissa Faulkner
School of Medicine Richard Pittman