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John Witte, Jr.

John Witte

Witte Article 1Article: Between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King: James Pennington and the Struggle for ‘Sacred Human Rights’ Against Slavery

Journal: Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities

Co-Author: Justin J. Latterell




Witte Article 2Article: The Metaphorical Bridge Between Law and Religion

Journal: Pepperdine Law Review





Witte Article 3Article: Meet the New Boss of Religious Freedom: The New Cases in the Court of Justice of the European Union*

Journal: Texas International Law Journal

Co-Author: Andrea Pin

Fred Smith Jr.

Fred SmithArticle: Remediating Resistance

Journal: Alabama Law Review

Michael Perry

Michael PerryPerry ArticleArticle: The Morality of Human Rights

Journal: Human Rights Quarterly

Kay Levine

LevineLevine ArticleArticle: Should Consistency Be Part of the Reform Prosecutor’s Playbook

Journal: Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment

Matthew Lawrence

 LawrenceLawrence Article 1Article: Reflections on the Effects of Federalism on Opioid Policy

Journal: Dickinson Law Review





Lawrence ArticleArticle: Social Solidarity in Health Care, American-Style*

Journal: Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics

Co-Author: Erin C. Fuse Brown, Elizabeth Y. McCuskey, Lindsay F. Wiley

Timothy Holbrook

Holbrook ArticleArticle: The Importance of Communication to Possession in IPHolbrook

Journal: Boston University Law Review Online

Martha Fineman

Martha Fineman

Fineman ArticleArticle: Beyond Equality and Discrimination

Journal: SMU Law Review Forum

Deborah Dinner

Dinner ArticleArticle: A Troubled Relationship: Sex Equality and the Limits of Law*

Journal: Journal of Women’s History





Dinner Article 3Article: Seeking Liberty, Finding Patriarchy: The Common Law’s Historical Legacy

Journal: Boston College Law Review





Dinner Article 1Article: Shared Histories: The Feminist and Gay Liberation Movements for Freedom in Public*

Journal: University of Richmond Law Review

Co-Author: Elizabeth Sepper





Dinner Article 2Article: The Injustices of Workers’ Compensation

Journal: Journal of Things We Like Lots

Margo A. Bagley