ChEmory is an American Chemical Society Award-winning undergraduate club at Emory University. Through ChEmory, students from various fields of study come together to do all things science. Funded by the Emory College Council, ChEmory frequently presents fun chemistry demonstrations at local schools and community events, such as the Latino Youth Leadership Conference. We also organize an annual celebration during National Chemistry Week celebration in late October featuring a demo show and our famous Periodic Table of Cupcakes.

Executive Board

President: Ashley Diaz ’20 

Vice President: Sydney Hwang ’20

Treasurer: Daniel Bujnowski ’20

Secretary: Shreya Chodisetty ’21

Green Chair: Jay Narula ’20

Publicity Officer: Ashley Zachmann ’19

Demo Chairs: Jeffrey Li ’21 & Alex Kim ’21

Freshman Representatives: Jack Swanson ’22, Landi White ’22, Patrick Shen ’22

Who should join ChEmory?

  • Are you interested in science and educational outreach?
  • Do you like learning the chemistry behind various scientific phenomena?
  • Do you like watching chemistry demonstrations where things explode? 
  • Do you like watching Myth Busters? How about How It’s Made or Through the Wormhole or Outrageous Acts of Science from the Science Channel?
  • Are you a science major interesting in getting hands-on experience working safely with various chemicals outside of lab?
  • Are you a non-science major with a passion for learning how things work?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, ChEmory is the club for you!

How to Get Involved

  • Like us on Facebook to learn about our upcoming events;
  • Be on the lookout for fliers about how you can get involved by volunteering at our chemistry demonstrations in the Atlanta area;
  • Join us at a Wonderful Wednesday;
  • Come to our monthly (during the academic year) general body meetings;
  • Run for executive positions like Freshman Representative, Demo coordinator, Green chair, and much more!

Contact Us

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact our current ChEmory President, Ashely Diaz, or talk to Professor Doug Mulford, our ChEmory Advisor.