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The UN Secretrary-General and Prime Minister of India look on as the WHO Deputy Director-General launches the WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health, 1 Oct 2018 WHO

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WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health

The purpose of these guidelines is to promote safe sanitation systems and practices in order to promote health. They summarize the evidence on the links between sanitation and health, provide evidence-informed recommendations, and offer guidance for encouraging international, national and local sanitation policies and actions that protect public health. The guidelines also seek to articulate and support the role of health and other actors in sanitation policy and programming to help ensure that health risks are identified and managed effectively.

Access the guide here:

Household Air Pollution and Health: A Multi-Country LPG Intervention Trial (HAPIN)

Randomized, controlled field trial of LPG stove and fuel distribution in 3,200 households and four LMICs (Guatemala, India, Peru, Rwanda) to deliver rigorous evidence regarding potential health benefits across the lifespan.

Revitalizing Urban Settlements and their Environments (RISE)

A global, interdisciplinary program aiming to improve the lives of over a billion women, men and children living in urban informal settlements by strengthening essential water and sanitation services and cleaning up the environment.

Developing and Testing Scalable Solutions for Improved Child Feces Management in India

The intervention will combine low-cost, locally available, user-centered designed hardware together with behavior change. We will assess the gender effects of the intervention on caregivers and their household members.