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At the endpoint of our first pilot, we have mostly learning and behind-the-scenes work to report (no working apps on the web… yet…). But we thought it interesting enough to give an Infoforum presentation at Emory (these are presentations by staff about ongoing projects and interesting topics) . Link to the Google presentation: http://goo.gl/Iv3a8

Also I (Laura) was part of a panel at COMO 2012 with Robin Fay from University of Georgia and Doug Goans from Georgia Tech. I enjoyed hearing Robin’s introductory take on what linked data is and its potential for libraries. Doug’s part […]

Links and visualization

I’ve added a page with a few links to some useful information, put together for and by our group when we were in “study phase”.

Our latest activity has been focused on

1. Loading the last bits of converted and hand-made RDF (slowed by lack of a “batchloader” in Sesame’s OpenRDF Workbench and no time to write/test a script to do it!). We’ve now got LC vocabulary links for finding aids and regimental histories, thanks to Bernardo Gomez.

2. Visualization. Here we’ve hit some roadblocks. The main one is, we haven’t figured out […]