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Emory College Online 2014 Syllabus

Digital Learning Environments from A to Z 

“Blended to Online to MOOCs”

Monday, July 21 – Introducing Blended, Hybrid and Flipped Classrooms
Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Tuesday, July 22 –  Navigating the Online Learning Environment
Morning Session

  • Changes + preview of the week
  • Blended learning exercise follow-up

  • VoiceThread

    • Overview of functionality

    • Using VT in the classroom

    • VT Makeover webinar Wednesday during lunch

  • Screencast-o-matic and Zaption overview

  • Break

Afternoon Session

  • Hands-on session with online teaching and connectivity tools
  • Participate in a  VT session: Can an online course be ‘humanized’ why or why not?

Wednesday, July 23 – Surveying the field of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Morning Session

  • Emory and MOOCs
    • Goal for Emory
    • Discussing advertisement vs. education vs. outreach with Judy Raggi-Moore
  • Success in MOOCs – Coursera experiences
    • Emory’s Coursera Experience with Lee Clontz
    • Copyright and Creative Commons issues with Melanie Kowalski

Afternoon Session

Additional Resources
Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCCs)
Online Learning Insights: My Open Learning, xMOOCs
MOOCs, Workplace Learning and “Heutagogy”
MOOC timeline

Homework: Preparing project for Thursday

Thursday, July 24 – Building your Fall 2014 Course Roadmap

  • Activity: Differentiating the various digital learning environments
  • Consultative Time
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Active learning & assessment
  • Building your own framework

Friday, July 25 – Presentations and Discussion