M7-Reyes: OERs in Nursing

Hi everyone,

I was part of the the Emory Open Education Initiative last summer so I learned about OERs.  I like the Khan Academy, TED Talks and also YouTube for my materials.  I created an online peds resource last year for first semester students to help organize things.  Happy I did since we are switching to Canvas and I don’t have to “move” anything.

I think being able to share resources across educational settings is great and offers so much more to the students.

I haven’t run into copyright issues and I don’t have any overall questions.

4 thoughts on “M7-Reyes: OERs in Nursing

  1. Yes Imelda, you are at a “slight” advantage with your experience with the EOEI program…I too am glad that you are on a platform that is not changing. Good work!

  2. Glad to know a fellow EOEI-er is in this group! I envy that you do not have to deal with copyright issues. For my teaching needs, it seems the kinds of materials available are increasingly diverse – which is a great thing – yet the potential for unintended copy-right infringement is also growing. I found the infographic this week clear and informative on this topic, so I am feeling more comfortable dealing with such issues down the road. Now I need to look back into my EOEI notes and do some more digging for OER materials.

  3. Wow, your online peds resource is great, I love it. I have watched TED talks for a while, I really like some of them.

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