Past Projects

Full Title: Exploring Methamphetamine Use Among Black MSM in Atlanta (ParTy Study)

Funder: Emory Center for AIDS Research

The purpose of this study was to analyze community perspectives on the trends in, and social context of methamphetamine use in this population. We conducted qualitative assessments of the extent of methamphetamine use among the young, Black, gay and bisexual and other men who have sex with men (YB-GBMSM) community, the problems presented by said use, and potential solutions to the issue from the viewpoints of key informants in the community.

Full Title: Exploring Integration of HIV and Mental Health Care for Young Black MSM (CHIMES)

Funder: Emory Center for AIDS Research

We aimed to identify and describe cultural, developmental, clinical, and organizational factors that may influence future development and implementation of integrated HIV-Mental Health services for YB-GBMSM. Additionally, we aimed to develop program objectives, methods, and protocols for CHIMES, a culturally tailored intervention designed to enhance engagement in integrated HIV and MH care among YB-GBMSM living with HIV. Finally, we aimed to retrospectively assess engagement in mental health care for YB-GBMSM at the Grady Infectious Disease and Emory University Hospital Midtown clinics over the last year.

Full Title: Social Capital and Engagement in Care Among Young Black Men who have Sex with Men Living with HIV (B6) 

Funder: CDC Minority AIDS Research Initiative (MARI)

This was a study focused on understanding and augmenting social capital among YBMSM with the ultimate goal of positively impacting engagement in HIV care. There were three phases to this study. Phase I: A mixed methods exploration of social capital including qualitative interviews and analysis of previously collected survey data, leading to development of a social capital intervention. Phase II: A randomized controlled trial of groups of YBMSM implementing the social capital intervention versus groups of YBMSM receiving a general health promotion intervention (Health for Life; H4L).  Phase III: Follow up measurements of social capital and engagement in care with the HIV-positive YBMSM at 1 month, 4 month, and 10 month timepoints.

Full Title: Optimizing Transition from Pediatric to Adult-Oriented Care among Youth Living with HIV

Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The purpose of this study was to explore transition from pediatric to adult care within the Grady Infectious Disease Program Clinic. We recruited a prospective cohort of youth living with HIV (YLHIV) and followed them through the transition from pediatric to adult-oriented HIV care. We aimed to examine associations between clinical and behavioral factors (at the patient, provider, and organizational levels) and clinical transition success. Additionally we qualitatively analyzed the process of transition from the patient, provider, and clinic perspectives.