A non-exhaustive collection of practical, conceptual, and institutional resources for doing experimental ethnography at Emory and beyond.

TechLab at Emory University

On Emory’s Campus

Center for Digital Scholarship 

Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry

Arts at Emory



The Hatchery

In Atlanta

The Goat Farm Arts Center

WRFG 89.3 FM Community Radio

The Bakery

The Creatives Project

Hi-Lo Press

Mint Gallery

C4 Atlanta

Mint Gallery in Atlanta

Peer Groups and Institutions

Collaboratoire d’Anthropologie Multimédia/Multimedia Anthropology Collaboratory (CAM/MAC) – University of Ottowa

Centre for Imaginative Ethnography

Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology / Elizabeth Chin

Center for Experimental Ethnogprahy / University of Pennsylvania

Collective for Advancing Multimodal Research Arts / University of Pennsylvania

Bureau for Experimental Ethnography / University of Texas – Austin

Center for Ethnography / University of California – Irvine   

Ethnography Lab / University of Toronto

Making Culture Lab / Simon Frazier University

Sensory Studies

Society for Visual Anthropology

Distribute Conference

Dance Your Ph.D


AnthroPod (podcast of Society for Cultural Anthropology): “What Does Anthropology Sound Like: Anthropology and Activism”

WITNESS Guides for Video Activists


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